Dear Daddy,


You're my light in dark tunnels, my strength in weakened times, and my joy in painful seasons. I appreciate you so much. I know that I can show it much more through my actions, but I know you know my heart. I love you more than words will ever express. Forgive me in times I've fallen short.
Forgive me for not always forgiving others. Help me understand the importance of loving instead of holding grudges. Let me always remember that there was a time I needed to be forgiven. Let me always remember that I need you and your guidance more than anything. Allow me to never lose sight of your plans for my life. Help me stay strengthened and encouraged. Help me be less prideful and more free spirited. Forgive me for not forgiving. Forgive those who haven't forgiven me. Lord I ask you to touch the hearts of those I have hurt. I ask that my heart be touched on behalf of those who have hurt me. I'm asking that what's in your will be done for both parties. Father I ask …

Level Up

Hey Father,

I come to you tonight to first say thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. Thank you for the growth that you've continued to bless us with. I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the growth you've blessed my friends with as well. Lord, I ask that you continue to help us grow. Whenever we may become stagnant I ask that you help us acknowledged the lack of growth so that we can find a solution. I ask that you help us recognize the areas in our lives that's stopping us from getting close to what you have for us. I thank you for the hard times, I thank you for the good times, and I ask that you help me always remember where I would be if I didn't choose you as you chose me. Lord lastly, I ask that you bless this read. I ask that you bless the readers. Let this post touch one reader at a time turning at least one soul back to you for the glory of your kingdom. Lord I love ya. With everything in me and I thank you for loving me b…

Dear Insecurities

Hey Father,

I just want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for always loving me in my high moments and even more in my low. I am so grateful for our relationship. I'm glad you chose me to be yours. Thank you for loving me where I am. Teach me how to love myself where I am. Continue to instill in me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When I walk in a room cast away my insecurities because with you on my side I'll always be qualified. Thank you for taking your time with me before I graced the presence of this earth. Lord this prayer isn't just for me, but for the readers as well. Touch down on the inside of them. Help them face their insecurities and show them that they are more than enough. Lord, I pray that souls be turned back to you one reader at a time. One post at a time for the glory of your kingdom. We thank you and we love ya.

Ya daughter Zee

Insecure:(of a person) not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.

Heyyyyyyyy y'all. I'm so glad…

The Climb

Hey Father,

Thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for being you. Thank you for guiding us. Thank you for loving us. I owe you everything. I'm so grateful and thankful for our relationship. In my weakened times you've always been my strength. Forgive me for focusing on the wrong things. Help me keep my eyes on you. I'm aiming to be the woman you want me to be each and every day. Lord I ask that you touch the readers. One soul at a time is enough for me Lord. I'll do anything for your people and your kingdom. Thank you for choosing me to represent this platform. Thank you for trusting me with your people and this gift.

Love ya daughter xZee
Hey loves, I hope you had a great week. I hope that after my last post you made some changes to make your soul happy. I know I have. If you haven't, that's cool to just make sure you're happy because life is too short not to be. Don't forget to share, like, and comment. I thank you all for being consistent readers…


Heyyy Father,

I come to you as humble as I know how to say thank you. Thank you for the good and the bad. Thank you for growing us and loving us. I ask a simple, yet big prayer today. Lord grant us the serenity to accept the things we can not change, the courage to change the things that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Lord help us value ourselves more. Even on our  ugly days Lord, help us glow as the masterpieces we are. Father I ask that you bless each reader. One soul at a time is enough for me lord. I ask that what's in your will be done for me, the readers, and us as a family as we grow in your presence. Help us spread your love and your word for the growth of your kingdom. Thanks in advance Lord.

Ya daughterZee
Hey loves, it's truly been forever. There is no excuse for the wait. I've honestly been adjusting and going with the flow of "China" and I haven't been in a space to write. After a few days of no social media and j…

Rose Garden and Sunflowers

Hey Lord,

Today I'm feeling refreshed and free. I know that you're the only person that can make me feel that way. I thank you so much for being who you are to me. I thank you so much for always standing by me and guiding me even on days I don't ask for guidance. I thank you for loving me as I am, and for who I am just because. I thank you for never leaving me and I ask that you let this post touch your people. One reader at a time is enough for me Lord. Use me in a magnificent way Father to do what you have called me to do. I love you, I love our relationship, and I love your people. Thank you in advance for everything you have done and everything you will do.

Love ya daughter,


Whew Chileeeeeeee, I told y'all a long time ago that I would post. I started a blog post and God started dealing with me on another subject. Of course I let him have his way and I delayed the post until now. My goal is to give messages that will benefit you and your life. I don't know …


Hey Lord,

I love you and I'm simply coming to you today to say thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Bless the readers Lord. Let what's in your will be done to glorify your kingdom. Mold us into your personal masterpiece. Allow us to master peace in the midst of your molding. I pray that this post turns one soul back to you Lord. One soul at a time is enough for me father.

Love ya daughter,


Masterpiece - a piece of work by a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a guild as an acknowledged master.

Heyyyy y'all,

So happy to be here in the presence of God, a bunch of people I don't know, and me, myself, and I. I'm headed to China so this is a free post, I'm just going to write and let God use me.

So I boarded my flight this morning leaving everything that I once knew behind. Surprisingly I didn't cry. I was so happy and just full of life. Hours later I'm writing this on the plane (seat to myself) with a face full o…